Brand Entertainment


The concept of Brand Entertainment consists in creating tailor-made animated characters that brands can use for their communication.

Our characters are developed in close partnership with our clients, to make sure they are perfectly fitted to their values, to the message they want to deliver and to their target.

Our goal is to make the characters as popular and well-known as possible, most of the time by having them starring in a TV show, and by creating a whole original world that they live in, and that they can be identified with.

The popularity of the characters can be reinforced by a transmedia strategy built around an online platform dedicated to the world of the show. The feeling of familiarity of the audience grows as they spend time on the website looking for new information, playing online games, downloading episodes or buying branded goods.

Brand Entertainment is particularly effective for brands targeting kids and teenagers. It allows, much more than advertisement, to establish a long-term closeness between the characters and the audience in everyday life.